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Eco Tours

Pantanal Highlights – 04Nights/05Days

This Pantanal package is the accurate choice for a 4 nights stay in Pantanal. The hotels lodges of this itinerary are located at splendid sites, where travelers will find amazing wildlife and stunning sceneries. Many Pantanal tours are available, always escorted by professional English speaking guides. Pantanal hotels providing comfort, very good food and personal services.


Sport Fishing

Fishing for Dorado in Pantanal – 05Nights/06Days

This package was designed to provide an unbeatable fishing trip in Pantanal. Recanto Barra Mansa Lodge is located in an exclusive site by the Negro River, known as the fishing hotspot in Pantanal. The main target is the Dorado (Salminus maxillosus), considered the most powerful and challenging native freshwater fish of South America, but provides also the opportunity to fish for other exotic species. Lots of action and strikes are expected.


Bird Watching

A Birding Glimpse in Pantanal 03Nights/04Days

Pantanal is one of the best places on Earth for birdwatching. This package was build to provide the most comprehensive birding experience for those who are on a tighter timetable. Recanto Barra Mansa is the lodge chosen for gathering a great diversity of habitats and areas, which can possibly make this shorter birding trip more productive.

Bird Watching

Birding in paradise – 05Nights/06Days

In general terms, the Pantanal is one of the best places on Earth for birdwatching. But the Pantanal have distinct regions and areas, where birding may be really awesome or simply satisfactory. Bravo selected the best lodge to provide the ultimate birding experience to a standard 05Nights/06Days trip in Pantanal.

Bird Watching

02 in 01: Birding in Pantanal & Bonito – 07Nights/08Days

Regarding the long distances on a travel to Brazil, why not maximize your birding experience? Pantanal and Bonito are two spectacular destinations close to each other and make a perfect match.


Horse Riding

A Brief Ride in Pantanal– 03Nights/04Days

This package was created specially for those who on a tighter schedule but are looking for a great riding experience in the Pantanal. The lodge’s location is splendid and travelers will find amazing wildlife and beautiful sceneries on memorable rides. Guests are able to take part in all riding events, from the beginning to the end of each day.

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