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Pantanal People

As a Brazil hot spot destination, the Pantanal has a singular interesting culture to be know on a Pantanal tour. Pantaneiros are the local people who were born and live in the Pantanal wetlands. More than native people, the Pantaneiros represents a fascinating traditional culture and lifestyle, which was formed and influenced by different cultures and the peculiar characteristics of such an isolated natural ecosystem as the Pantanal.

The first inhabitants of the wetlands were different indigenous groups, who lived along the rivers and higher areas nearby, using the region mainly for hunting and fishing. But the today’s settlement came only 200 years ago, pushed by the explorers who were moving up north looking for gold and precious metals. The cattle ranching was the only viable economical activity which matched with the singular environment of the Pantanal. Some traditional local families started to settle and live there, founding ranches and raising cattle in huge unexploited areas. 

Different people came to work in those ranches, and different cultures were brought with them. Many Paraguayans crossed the border and influenced local customs and habits, as well indigenous groups and the gauchos with the cattle traditions from south Brazil and Argentina. From this great mixture the Pantanal people absorbed, adapted and transformed different cultural aspects, originating a unique culture and way of life based on men strength to live and work in the wilderness.
 Some ranches became a Pantanal Hotel where visitors can enjoy all elements of Pantanal culture.




Horse riding culture in Brazil

Horse riding is intrinsic to the Pantanal culture. Their importance on the region’s exploration and development is immeasurable. Pantaneiros up on horses are a genuine figure of the Pantanal itself, like an indivisible part of a whole. Pantanal is the best horse riding Brazil holidays destination.

Pantanal Music

Pantanal music is quite rich and diverse. Influenced by 3x4 beats and rhythms of the frontier (like the polca and chamamé), it has evolved in some artists into a more sophisticated harmony, expressed in many beautiful songs.


Pantanal Culinary and Arts

Pantanal cuisine is superb. Delicious dishes cooked in the wood stove are the base of a traditional gastronomy, which keeps its origins and attributes. Of course beef is food’s main attraction in a culture established in cattle ranching properties, and it is certainly sensational. But healthy fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and other tasty complements composes a variety of flavors in many different typical dishes - simply stupendous! Among the most traditional ingredients, the manioc – a Brazilian typical root - is used and cooked in several ways, part of almost every meal. We cannot forget about the tereré, a typical drink made with the yerba mate, which the Pantanal people take everyday in the meantime of their meals. Ready to taste it all on a Pantanal travel? Book a Pantanal Hotel with Bravo Expeditions.

Besides music, arts are expressed also in paintings, poems and handcrafts, which represents the vast universe of Pantanal’s people and life. Notable works with leather from cattle are found everywhere in the Pantanal, mainly for local use on the daily ranch activities.

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