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Brazil Wetland

The Pantanal is one of the most amazing, spectacular and pristine environments on Earth. Covering an area of about 210,000 sq km, the Pantanal is the world’s largest wetlands and concentrates an extraordinary diversity of fauna and flora in astonishing colorful landscapes. The larger area of Pantanal is located in Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, but the Pantanal wetlands also extend to some smaller areas in Bolivia and Paraguay.

Far to be considered simply as a wetland, the Pantanal is a highly productive floodplain supporting one of the most abundant concentrations of wildlife on the planet, only comparable to the savannas in Africa. A great variety of vegetation types, rivers sources, aquatic and terrestrial systems makes the Pantanal wetland, this incredible ecological paradise, the Brazil Hot Spot - a unique and extremely rich eco tours destination considered one of the world’s great natural wonders.



Pantanal water cycle

The annual flooding of the Pantanal renews and regulates a complex and fragile life system. The variability between seasons provides many different feeding and reproductive opportunities for both aquatic and terrestrial species. Even pointed in many articles and studies the Pantanal has two defined seasons, locally we consider they’re three: the wet, the draining and the dry seasons.

The wet season (December to March) corresponds to the flooding period, when water levels increase and spread over the plain, inundating a large area where an explosive growth of aquatic vegetation displays and transform the landscapes in an outstandingly beautiful wetland. 
The draining season (April to June) is the transition period just after the wet to the dry seasons, when the waters of the flooding are flowing back to the river channels, offering an excellent opportunity for birdlife feeding in drying pounds and amazing crystal clear waters landscapes.

The dry season (July to November) offers even another spectacular scenario. Waters are concentrating in the rivers and remaining water pools, and wildlife comes out of the forest areas searching for water and food, providing some unique and special experiences on wildlife observation.


Pantanal eco travel Destination

Pantanal wetland is the Brazil hot spot for eco travel. The complexity and variety of landscapes, nature and life of the Pantanal makes it an unparallel destination for many different trip interests and purposes. There are several Pantanal eco tours available for wildlife observation and photography. Uncountable possibilities for intense birdwatching, sport fishing and horse riding trips. There are also Pantanal adventure expeditions, cultural and family trips taking place. This all gathered in one of the most fantastic places for nature and wildlife on Earth: the Brazil hot spot is the Pantanal!

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