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Brasil’s Nº1 Ecotourism Destination

Located in the middle of the astonishing formation of the Sierra da Bodoquena, Bonito is known as the premier ecotourism destination in Brazil. The place shelters fantastic crystal-clear water’s rivers, dozens of caves and caverns, several stunning waterfalls and pristine nature. The region is well-structured and offers over 40 tours related to ecotourism and adventure, a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers.

No doubts highlights are the river floating /snorkeling tours. After a pleasant start walking in trail through riverine forests, visitors receive proper gears for snorkeling and enter the water to a superior experience: drift down smoothly in a real natural aquarium of greater visibility, truly crystal clear waters where numerous different fish species and enticing aquatic plants displays in a savage underwater terrain.

Bonito’s exciting attractions goes further. The surroundings hide many caves, dated from millions of years ago, presenting surreal formations and unbelievable electric blue water lagoons on its interiors. N
atural pools, enchanting waterfalls, transparent rivers and preserved forests make up the scenery for activities like hiking, birding, white water rafting, rapel (technique of descend a cliff or rock by sliding down in a rope), canopy walk, snorkeling, scuba diving or even horse riding.



A Geological explanation

The reason to gather such a privileged nature and plentiful first-class attractions comes from geologic features and climatic characteristics of this region. The Serra da Bodoquena (Bodoquena Sierra Mountains) concentrates a great quantity of limestone, which is responsible for the transparency of the waters and also for the existence of a wide variety of distinct and intriguing geological formations, as this kind of rocks are easily dissolved in water. There are more than 500 caves in this area, most unexplored and only a few accessible to visitors.

The peculiar characteristics of the environment in Bonito combined with preserved forests and river margins results in a vast potential for tourism activities, which were successfully developed and organized through a conscious sustainable view.


Responsible tourism

The main services like accommodation, restaurants and shops are in Bonito’s small urban area, as well health care, security stations, post offices, banks and others. There are also some quite interesting alternatives for accommodation out of the town, near rivers and forest areas.

Responsible tourism management assures the sustainability of such a sensitive area. All tours are scheduled by a local tourism agency, and most of them have a limited number of visitors per day, avoiding tourism pressure under nature and guaranteeing the quality of the tourism activities.

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