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Horse Riding


Bravo set up riding travels to explore the most remote and pristine areas in Brazil Pantanal, where nature is extraordinary and local people keep alive their original culture and way of life. Travelers will ride through amazing sceneries, watch plenty exotic wildlife and be able take part on the traditional cattle ranch activities of the Brazil Pantanal. Riders may choose on a short Brazil Pantanal travel staying in one fazenda or longer lodge-to-lodge expeditions, with the possibility of sleep one night in the forest in a charming rustic bush camp.

Our riding travels are all handled by local native guides and allow riders to participate in all riding procedures and horses’ care, since the traditional horses’ round up and line up, saddling and other arrangements, the whole thing since the beginning to the end of each day. The Pantanal rides western style and the programs are generally for half-days, morning and afternoon rides covering approximately 06 to 08 hours per day. Distances vary according to each day’s program, but reaches in general 20 to 30 km per day.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Pure bred well-trained horses, the Pantaneiros are mainly the result of a cross between the Arabian, Crioulos and Lusitanos. The Pantaneiros are smart, sweet tempered, “light on mouth” and show an excellent control. Don’t get it wrong: sweet tempered does not mean slow. Pantaneiros are very active, curious and intense, also vigorous and solid. They guarantee excellence for walking, trotting or cantering on very enjoyable rides.

Pantanal‘s tack is probably one of the most comfortable in the world. Designed for the long trips on horseback, our saddles (called arreios) have sheep wool and a soft leather component over it, which makes the riding experience more pleasant and comfortable.

All of those attributes complemented by good comfortable accommodations, superb food and an extremely competent staff make our riding travels in Pantanal truly memorable experiences!