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Family Trips


A family trip is a rewarding experience. A wide range of eco tours and activities are offered in our trips to some of the most spectacular destinations in Brazil, which fit or can be adapted to all sorts of people and ages. Hiking, walking or trekking in forests and awesome natural sites, canoe explorations through rivers and lakes, nature and wildlife observation, horseback riding tours, innumerous interactions with authentic cultures and lifestyles, motorboat excursions, photographic safaris on 4WD vehicles, birdwatching, sport fishing, snorkeling tours and others more adventurous like white water rafting, scuba diving, rapel (technique of descend a cliff or rock by sliding down in a rope) and canopy walk: these are all practicable eco tours and can be picked up in our expeditions.

Family Trips

Family Trips

Family Trips

Family Trips

The tours are mostly handled by local native guides, who present nature and landscapes through their vision of the environment and its attributes. Most of our family expeditions have also excellent bilingual guiding: well-prepared professionals who add substantial information to our trips. Bravo expeditions are designed and set according to our travelers’ preferences and travel plans, and what makes our family trips so special is the attention to details and comprehensive staff to deal with adults and kids’ expectations.