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Culture & Traditions


With a good sense of responsibility, our Brazil cultural trips & expeditions are made to surpass the usual and offer a closer encounter to people’s real life.

The Brazil Pantanal: Bravo set up trips to explore the most remote and pristine areas in Pantanal, where nature is extraordinary and local people keep alive their original traditions and way of life. Pantanal’s culture is based on the cattle ranching, which was the key element on the settlement and history of the area. The Pantanal local people (Pantaneiros) bring up a fascinating lifestyle which was formed and influenced by different cultures. Horses play an important element on men’s daily life in the Pantanal to deal out with cattle and other ranch activities. In our trips travelers will take part and be absorbed by a fascinating culture and way of life based on men strength to live and work in the wilderness; place’s amazing nature and wildlife turns out only as a gratifying complement, perfect for a Cultural tour.

Culture & Traditions

Culture & Traditions

Culture & Traditions

Culture & Traditions

The Brazil Amazon: Even existing numerous indigenous reserves and ethnic groups in the Amazon, with diverse cultural aspects, the Amazonian culture is more widely represented by the caboclos - the local native people living in communities on the river margins. As more isolated from city areas and influences more they still make a live from the natural resources, planting (roots, vegetables and fruits), fishing, gathering and hunting. Some of them extract famous products from the Amazon like the natural rubber (or latex), the Brazil-nut and fruits like the guaraná, açaí and cupuaçu. Visiting the Brazil Amazon through local’s people living may be much more valuable and interesting than a simple nature-watch experience.

At any of our destinations, the tours are mostly handled by local native guides, who present the environment through their vision. Most of our expeditions have also excellent bilingual guiding: well-prepared professionals who add substantial information to our trips. Bravo expeditions are concerned to the high quality of services and firmly associated to cultural, social and environmental values, guaranteeing safety, excellence on operations and logistics, value for money and memorable experiences to our travelers. With customized operations, our expeditions also offer free choice for dates and periods, which help you to plan better your Brazil culture trip.