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Adventure Tours


With an extensive selection of activities on nature, our Brazil adventure expeditions are made to surpass the usual and offer more audacious programs from which already exist. Apart from the specific interests on travelling in Brazil, the company already covers on other trips (like fishing, birdwatching and horse riding), Bravo set some amazing adventure torus to different tastes and abilities and also allows you to create your own trips focusing in one activity/interest or choosing as many you wish.

Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours

From trips like a trekking in Pantanal watching wildlife with overnight in the bushes to an adventurous combination of canopy walk, rapel, snorkeling and rafting in Bonito, you’ll find a variety of adventure tours and expeditions which are concerned to the high quality of services and guarantee environment & social responsibility, safety, excellence on operations and logistics, value for money and memorable experiences to our travelers. With customized operations, our Brazil adventure trips also offer free choice for dates and periods, which help you to plan better your adventure.