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See below some impressions from people who have been on our trips and expeditions:

“3 wonderful days, very well looked after, very well fed! Thank you for organizing such an excellent trip.”

                                                                  S. & A.Reed - England

  • “I’m impressed with the beautiful nature and the great variety of animals, but also with the delicious food and the friendly staff. All the activities were splendid. We’ll take these memories back with us.”

    Y V Schail – Netherlands

  • “Thank you for arranging such a fabulous trip in Pantanal, it was the highlight of our tour in Brazil. Everything was spectacular: the birds, the flowers, the caimans, the boat rides, the horse back rides, the sunsets. But the best of all was the warmth, friendliness and outstanding services of the team. We’ll be back with friends next year.”

    C & S Reiss - Germany