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People’s importance for the success of a trip is enormous. From qualified English speaking guides to skilled native guides and general staff from accommodations and transport services, everyone needs to be competent and offer good services.  That’s why we pick up the best partners to run our trips in the field. Meet some of them.

Cassiano Zaparoli - ZAPA

Cassiano Zaparoli - ZAPA

Zapa has always being avid on birding. After graduating in Tourism at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), with his studies focused on birdwatching, he started to work in the Pantanal as a natural history and birdwatching guide to some international tour operators. Zapa is also keen on birding photography, and traveled a lot around the country. His passion on birding and wildlife turned him in one of the most competent naturalist guide in Brazil.

Daniel de Granville

Daniel de Granville

Professional photographer since 1999, Daniel has graduated in Biology at São Paulo University (USP) and pos-graduated in Scientific Journalism at Campinas State University (UNICAMP). This guy has huge experience and works regularly as a naturalist guide to photographers, the press, scientists and other travelers with specific interests. Daniel has also lived in the US and Germany, speaking well these languages. A talented naturalist and photography guide and a fabulous to person to be with.



Born in the Pantanal city called Miranda, Vitinho became a birdwatcher and developed skills to work as birder guide. His love for nature increased when he learned photography and could register his sightings. Speciallized in Bonito & Pantanal.