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People’s importance for the success of a trip is enormous. From skilled native guides to the staff from accommodations and transport services, everyone needs to be well-prepared and offer good services. That’s why we pick up the best partners to run our Brazil trips.

Local native guides

Local native guides

Born and raised in the riverbanks, our local native guides have unparallel knowledge of nature and life at their home. Their ability to identify the best fishing spots and fish behavior at anytime of the year is impressive. Most of them don’t speak English, but will take you to the right places and do everything to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

English speaking guides

English speaking guides

For the top service and support to all sorts of situations, better call them hosts (or hostess). Our English speaking guides will escort you from the moment you arrive to the end of your trip, acting as translators and taking care of everything to run easy, safely and smoothly.