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The tour leader is certainly the vital element for the success of a birding trip. In addition to their knowledge and skills to find and identify birds, they will provide first-rate services and support to all sorts of situations, escorting you from the moment you arrive to the end of your trip, acting as translators and taking care of everything to run easy, safely and smoothly. Meet some of them.

Cassiano Zaparoli - ZAPA

Cassiano Zaparoli - ZAPA

Zapa has always being avid on birding. After graduating in Tourism at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), with his studies focused on birdwatching, he started to work in the Pantanal as a natural history and birdwatching guide to some international tour operators. Zapa is also keen on birding photography, and traveled a lot around the country. His passion on birding and wildlife turned him in one of the most competent naturalist guide in Brazil.

Manoela Bernardi

Manoela Bernardi

With some natural ability to spot, identify and mimic the sounds of birds, what started as a hobby soon turned into a profession. Manoela spent a substantial time guiding in the Pantanal where gained good field experience combined with many hours of study to learn more and more about the biodiversity and birds found in this region. She also traveled to other countries and destinations to improve her knowledge and guiding techniques and speaks fluently Portuguese, English and Norwegian.