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People’s importance for the success of a trip is enormous. Professional English speaking guides, skilled native guides and general staff from accommodations and transport services need to be competent and offer good services.  That’s why we set the best partners to run our trips in the field. Meet some of them.

Sérgio Marques

Sérgio Marques

A natural born traveler, his experience is worldwide. Sérgio left the country when he was 21, and build a fantastic life story traveling and living in the European continent. Back to Brasil he worked guiding in different parts of the country, but settled in the Pantanal region on the last 10 years, considered by him “the paradise on Earth”. He speaks fluently English, French, Dutch and Flemish.

Daniel Rondon

Daniel Rondon

Born in the Pantanal, Daniel has the nature and culture of the place running in his veins. Speaks excellent English and Spanish and has large experience on guiding as he started on his 15 years old. Graduated in Tourism at Paraná Federal University (UFPR), traveled around Brasil especially in the Amazon where he lived for a year. Daniel guides for pleasure, mainly on horse riding, cultural and adventure trips. He’s the idealizer and master of Bravo Expeditions.