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Adventure Tours


The Brazil Adventure Tours have no unusual specific gear required. But considering a trip to the warm tropical climate of Brazil and nearly all year round heat, it is important to not forget some items. Check a suggested list below:

- Clothing: Long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts, light trousers, shorts, swim suits, good walking shoes, sandals, cotton socks, one set of warmer clothes, a hat or cap, light rain jacket; preferably comfortable and light clothes;
- Sun block;
- Insect repellent;
- Medical kit (analgesic, cold/fever medicine, anti-diarrhea, antibiotic, eye-drops, plasters, personal medications, spare glasses or contact lens, etc);
- Personal toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste);
- Small backpack/daypack (also to be used as hand luggage);
- Credit cards and some cash (several places do not accept credit cards);

- Sunglasses;
- Binoculars;
- Small torch;
- Photo camera (spare batteries for photo camera and other equipment);
- A book for leisure, a Portuguese pocket dictionary (or phrase book), a small notebook for general notes;
- A watch or alarm clock;
- Money belt to go underneath clothing (for important documents, passport and money) on larger cities;
- Tiny padlocks to lock your luggage on regular transportation;
- Swiss Army style pocket knife (do not keep it in hand luggage when flying to avoid problem in airports!);

Adventure Tours

Remember when packing

Most types of transportation have a luggage limit weight per person. Check out details about it according to your trip and itineraries.  As lighter you pack more enjoyable your trip gets, and helps to avoid problems with luggage’s excess of weight. In any case, traveling light is always better.