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Photography Travel


Brazil is sensational. Renowned for sustaining the world’s greatest biodiversity, Brazil is a sumptuous multi-ethnic country abounding with astonishing nature and colorful landscapes. Bravo’s destinations provide plenty opportunities for terrific photography trips on diverse themes and interests like wildlife & nature (flora, rivers, landscapes, etc) and authentic cultures, people and ways of life.

All of our destinations can be picked up apart or together, it depends on your time schedule and interest on go beyond in a photographic trip in Brazil. Customized trips, private attendance, and comprehensive professional English speaking guides which make the photographic approach make our expeditions unbeatable on this specific issue.

Photography Travel


Whether beginners or experts, our travelers are keen on photography. People who like to travel and explore the world and exotic sites mainly photographing, for leisure or work, from general photography to specific subjects. Great attractions and authentic places are important, but comfort, good food, quality and customized services are appreciated.

Photography Travel


Each destination in Brazil has its own characteristics and seasonal cycles for photography, with some variation on luminosity and colors. But the best seasons on each destination also depend if you’re looking for something specific. Bravo’s trips have a grade to point the best (or inappropriate) times for travelers to join in our photographic expeditions. Even with some slightly differences from season to season, our destinations and attractions are certainly fascinating and worth to visit almost anytime of the year.