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Horse Riding


Brazil is sensational. A rich diverse multi-ethnic country abounding with nature and amazing colorful landscapes. Along its vast territory there’s one place where a horse riding travel reaches its best: the Pantanal. Considered one of the most pristine and biologically rich ecosystems on Earth, the Brazil Pantanal is renowned for sustaining extraordinary and copious wildlife. Almost entirely flat, the terrain is composed mainly by grasslands and sandy soils going through a great diversity of habitats and vegetation types, like amazing lagoons surrounded by native forests, widespread savannas and fertile floodplains. All of that constitute an excellent environment for a horse riding travel.

But the riding experience goes further. The Pantanal’s culture and traditions is based on the cattle ranching, which is the key element on the settlement and history of the area. The importance of horses on men’s daily life in the Pantanal is immeasurable, and its relationship with local people is beyond description.

Bravo Expeditions is putting up some authentic riding travels in one of the most fantastic destinations in Brazil, where nature is stupendous and horses are a genuine part of the picture.

Horse Riding


Whether beginners or experts, our travelers are passionate by horses and riding. People who like to explore the world and search for new adventures basically on riding tours expeditions. Horse riding is most important but our travelers also enjoy nature, exotic sites and genuine cultures, with appreciation for quality, good comfortable accommodations, privacy, safety, excellent food and exceptional services on their trips.

Horse Riding


Regardless of the season, a horse riding travel can be done all year round in the Pantanal. From unlimited riding areas during the dry season to the unique experience of crossing wetland areas and ride in the water during the flooding, horse riding in the Pantanal has been constantly exalted and celebrated by our guests at anytime of the year.