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Sport Fishing


Planing a Brazil fishing trip? Brazil is certainly one of the world’s prime fishing destinations. The country has the largest hydrographic net on the planet - an unmatchable potential for freshwater fishing, which stills few explored. That means one thing: outstanding fishing for those who go into it. From Brazil’s vast territory we have set two main destinations to put on our fishing expeditions: the Pantanal and the Amazon. Positioned in distinct basins (Plata and Amazon Basins), both destinations offers intense fishing adventures and the chance to catch multiple species of exotic fishes through fly fishing or conventional spinning/ bait casting. As far as the Pantanal is home to the beautiful powerful golden Dorado, the Amazon’s foremost specie is the voracious Peacock bass (tucunaré). Bravo has deep searched for the best fishing places in Brazil for and carefully designed its expeditions to provide first-rate operations and memorable fishing experiences in Brazil.

Sport Fishing


Whether beginners or experts, our travelers are passionate by fishing. People that like to explore the world and search for new adventures and challenges basically on fishing expeditions. Fishing is most important but our travelers also admire nature and appreciate quality, good comfortable accommodations, privacy, safety, excellent food and exceptional services on their trips.

Sport Fishing


Due several differences (like size, water volume and rainfall) on the river’s basins, fishing seasons vary according to the characteristics of each destination and area. Pantanal best season goes from February to June, but chances are also good from July to October once fish concentrates in some special spots. The Amazon best seasons goes from August to November in the southern region and from December to April in the northern areas like the Negro River and its tributaries.