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Culture & Traditions


Brazil is a sumptuous multi-ethnic country with a grand variety of people, cultures, nature and landscapes. Its vast territory holds back countless attractions and a wide diversity of cultural aspects, expressions and influences. Each place or region has its own particularities and may cause amazement and enjoyment to interested travelers. We have set two main destinations to put on our Brazil cultural trips & expeditions: the Pantanal and the Amazon.

Travel to places like those is already an adventure itself, due the wilderness and pristine habitats. Go further on peoples’ culture and way of life on the Pantanal and the Amazon represents much more: a superior experience, certainly a trip of a lifetime.

Culture & Traditions


People who like to explore the world and exotic sites, experiencing genuine cultures and ways of life. Our travelers enjoy nature, wildlife and some adventure as well, preferably on small groups or private trips. Accept cultural differences and standards, but have an appreciation for comfort, good food and quality of services on their trips.

Culture & Traditions


Regardless of the season, our Brazil cultural trips and expeditions can be taken all year round for both destinations. Even with some slightly differences at some specific periods of the year, when singular cultural activities may occur, our Brazil destinations and people are certainly fascinating and worth to visit at anytime of the year.