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Who we are


Bravo is a local-based ground agent specialized in tailor made trips to diverse specific interests in some of the most spectacular destinations in Brazil. Deriving from 12-years of experience in the establishment and operations of customized trips in the Pantanal region, Bravo purposes to go beyond the usual and provide outstanding experiences to a wide public who travel for leisure and specific activities. Be sensible and understand our guests’ needs and profiles each time more is our challenge; exceed expectations and satisfy greatly is our end.


What makes us real experts? We’re locals! We know our country better than anyone and have personally traveled and chosen the best places and partners in our Brazil Travel Destinations to guarantee the high quality of our trips and expeditions.

Private services on Brazil hot spot destinations

Everyone is different and have its methods, customs and lifestyle. Travelling is probably one of the most rewarding experiences in anyone’s life. Make this moment unique and build it according to your own ideas and possibilities is definitely something else. That’s why Bravo is totally out of massive tourism and large group’s tours, offering private services, attention to detail and quality personal attendance at all levels of your trip.

Excellence on operations and logistics

To offer exclusive trip programs which are not in the tourism’s main stream requires skills and knowledge on operations and logistics. Bravo knows each tiny detail of its itineraries and is able to provide perfectly-arranged trips regarding access, timing, different choices for transportation and even itinerant expeditions.

Our Brazil Team

Bravo understands that people make the difference. That’s why our team is formed by professionals with a passion for travel and extensive knowledge about our travel destinations and logistics in Brazil. People who know their duty and will make their best efforts to provide a perfect organized Brazil trip and guarantee quality through precise and fast information at anytime.




Flexibility on Brazil travels

All of our destinations can be picked up apart or together, it depends on your time schedule and interest on go beyond in a trip in Brazil. With customized operations, our trips offer free choice for dates and periods, which help you to plan better your adventure.

Responsibility & references

Bravo believes in responsible tourism as a tool for conservation and social development. Deciding for authentic experiences, places and people, we’re helping on the maintenance of traditional cultures and keeping natural habitats and wildlife safe from destructive economical activities.

Bravo is a company legally registered at the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Foundation of Mato Grosso do Sul and associated to the GOPAN - Group of Tours operators of the Pantanal.